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Nicola & Justin love story begun where many other great love stories do. They have had an exciting romantic dating and when it came to the part of them having a life commitment, it was more of a continuation of their feelings and emotions towards each other.

The only thing that changed when they entered this phase of life that would lead to their marriage is that they involved friends, relatives, and colleagues to walk alongside them as they planned their wedding. I was one of the lucky friends who was picked earlier in the process and I must confess I have cherished every twist and turn in this journey that the two of them have walked. Their wedding took place at the Gomersal Park Hotel, Leeds. Before going into the wedding details and how the day was, I feel it is important we do a walkthrough of the wedding venue.

The Wedding Venue

The choice of Gomersal Park Hotel as the venue for their wedding was a double coincidence for me because I have covered most of my weddings there and I do so year in year out to date. As a matter of fact, it is not Nicola & Justin who first suggested that I do the photography on their wedding, but rather it was the management at the Hotel. When the couple had approached the hotel to book the wedding venue, they asked for suggestions on the best wedding photographers in Leeds and my company’s name was floated.

The Hotel is privately owned and sits on one of the most beautiful parklands, a short drive from Leeds’s central business district. In terms of accessibility, few hotels can beat Gomersal Park Hotel. From Junction 26 and 27 of M62, the Hotel is just 5 minutes away. Whether you are coming from Halifax, Huddersfield, Bradford, or Wakefield, getting to the Hotel is pretty much easier.

Gomersal Park Hotel is known for its fine dining, spacious bedrooms, outstanding service, and a cozy relaxing bar. What the guests mostly enjoyed are the excellent wedding facilities and the relaxing and tranquil parkland setting. Everything looked so personalised and private.

The Photography Experience

During the wedding planning, we had sat down with the couple because we wanted to get it from them what their preferences were. In that way, it became easier and clear for us to exactly deliver what they wanted. Unlike other couples who do a mix of videography and photography, Nicola & Justin only wanted photography.

On the wedding day, 1st July 2017, we ensured that our team was on site two hours prior to the ceremony so that we can set up and have everything going by the time the wedding began. Because we know from our profession that the photos we take is all that is left to help our clients remember their wedding day, we put our best foot forward.

Among the photos that we were keen to capture was the bridal preparation. Here, we took images of Nicola while her hair was being styled and makeup applied, still life shots of her jewelry, bridal shoes, her bridal team, and the bridesmaids’ bouquet. Of course, we had a collection of other photos, but some of them such as the bride with her parents and siblings stood out.

The most unforgettable and of course an exciting time for us all is when Nicola & Justin had their first dance. The emotions and the moves made everything beautiful. By the time the father was doing his dance with his daughter the party was so charged that we captured raw emotions of almost everyone.

Going through our albums and seeing Nicola & Justin in their best wedding outfits reminds us that we always have a responsibility to give full coverage to our client’s wedding because it means so much to all of us.

Gomersal Park Hotel Wedding Photography