About Craig Garside

I started taking wedding photos at the age of 17 for friends and family and developed a passion for the field straight away. However it was not until I reached 27 in 2004 that I decided to became a full-time professional wedding photographer.

Since becoming a full-time wedding photographer in 2004, I have been privileged to be part of hundreds of weddings all over the UK, by booking 40 weddings each and every year.

Taking the jump to become a Professional Wedding Photographer was the best thing I have ever done, I get so much pleasure from taking wedding photographs and been part of such a special day.

I have had the fortune to travel all over the UK taking wedding photographs and understand more than most that your wedding day is a very special day, but to me that does not mean that it has to be regimental. I can get along with anyone and become a part of your wedding day as I have a very relaxed approach to wedding photography, which gives me the chance to get the most out of people.

The biggest compliment I get is “We knew you were there, but you were not in the way”