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Joanne and Jonathan have had one of the most amazing love lives I have ever witnessed. From the first time, they laid their eyes on one another, they knew without a single doubt that they were created for each other. Before they began their dating journey, they first became friends and this helped in strengthening their bond of love. Rarely do we as photographers come across a pair of jolly fellows like Joanne and Jonathan.

Jonathan’s proposal was one of the most dramatic one. It happened over a beautiful sunset and what would later turn out to be a romantic dinner. After the proposal, the two spent the entire night talking about their past and how all roads came led them to such a wonderful friendship and now courtship. From there henceforth they began their wedding preparations and I was glad to be their choice photographer for the big day.

Thorpe Park Hotel-The Wedding Venue

Indeed, Thorpe Park Hotel is committed to making one of the biggest days in couples lives truly unforgettable. Throughout Leeds and West Yorkshire as a whole, this hotel happens to be one of the most sought-after wedding venues. I have photographed here before and it is always a pleasure to come back with another couple to capture their beautiful memories.

Joanne and Jonathan are pretty much a conservative couple who preferred an intimate wedding to a large formal occasion. The invited family, relatives, friends and colleagues to witness their big day.

The staff here were exceptional! Their service was way beyond the bar and they ensured the guests were well taken care of and comfortable.

Christ Church, Crossgates-The Ceremony Venue

The church was amazingly beautiful and certainly the best place for Joanne and Jonathan to exchange their vows and they promise and commit to love and cherish each other. The only requirement the church wanted fulfilled before the couple could use the venue was that one of them must have been baptized. Luckily, both had been baptized way back in their childhood and so, this was not a hurdle for them.

The only fee the couple paid was for the preparation of their marriage documents and setting up of the venue by the verger, the organist, and the celebrant. All in all, the ceremony went on well and was done in time for the reception at the Thorpe Park Hotel.

Wedding Photography

As always, we arrived 2 hours before the start of the ceremony. We usually do this so that we can get every moment as it unfolds from the bride preparation to the groom and his team. For obvious reasons, Joanne enjoyed a greater share of the filming and photography because she had lots to capture and furthermore she is photogenic. Our other set of photographers were positioned at Thorpe Park Hotel to capture the grand entry of the couple.

We filmed all day at different angles and lighting conditions both at the reception and at the ceremony in Christ Church. The guest, the parents and friends were all at their best with raw emotions and ears of genuine happiness. We stayed on until the first dance which we also comprehensively covered.

We realize that photography and filming plays a very crucial role in the now and after lives of couples. We had to ensure that we don’t disappoint Joanne and Jonathan because they had placed such enormous trust on us. It turned out to be one of the most memorable days.

Thorpe Park Hotel & Spa Wedding Photography