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It was a cool and rainy autumn morning much like any other. But for Rebecca and Josh, this day symbolized the start of their new lives joined to one another in holy matrimony. Despite the rainy weather, the happy couple’s spirits were anything but gloomy and they brightened the room with their warm energy. I arrived at their venue, the regal Oulton Hall Hotel at nine in the morning and immediately got to work cataloguing this once in a lifetime event. The striking building only added to the magical atmosphere of the day. Oulton Hall, an eighteenth-century mansion located in Yorkshire, is a fairly popular venue that I have had the pleasure of photographing on several occasions.


No matter how many weddings I attend, I always find myself struck by the fairytale beauty of the grounds. From the picturesque grounds, to the quaint architecture of the building and the stunning woodwork of the interior, the venue is truly a photographer’s dream. In the spirit of Halloween, the aisle was lined with pumpkins, providing me with yet another lovely subject for the couple’s wedding photos. This fun and unique choice added to the ambience of the setting and really captured the unique spirit of Rebecca and Josh as a couple. Fall weddings always have an indescribable and romantic atmosphere to them, and the design choices made by Rebecca and Josh really emphasized this fact.


The ceremony began at 11 am and turned out to be a touching affair that captured the powerful bond between the pair. After the ceremony concluded, it was time to unwind a bit and head over to the reception hall for a celebration of Rebecca and Josh’s marriage with friends and family. We did not have to go far, as the Oulton Hall Hotel, in addition to the area where the ceremony was held, also offers spacious and romantic reception areas. At the reception hall, we enjoyed a delicious meal courtesy of the venue and began celebrating the newly minted union between the two lovebirds. Rebecca and Josh’s energy was infectious, and their guests seemed thrilled to be there to support them. The room was full of smiling faces as we all took in the beauty of the room and of the marriage that we just witnessed. It may have rained all day aside from a brief half hour after the ceremony, but the couple showed no signs of disappointment. In fact, they even volunteered to go outside that evening in the middle of the rain for a quick photo, which turned out to be one of the loveliest and most unique images I have taken in my work as a wedding photographer.


The picture is truly a testament to the indomitable spirit of Rebecca and Josh as a couple and I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to witness it. We are so thankful to have played a role in Rebecca and Josh’s big day and hope that our photos can allow them to relive the happy memories made at their wedding for years to come.

Oulton Hall Hotel Wedding Photography