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The stunning lakeside view of the Chevin Country Park Hotel and Spa inspired wonder as we geared up to capture Nick & Zoe’s special day.  Serving as the countries largest log building, Chevin offered a cosy affair, perfect for a young couple getting ready to settle down for a new life together.

Nick & Zoe are a delightful young couple, head over heels for one another, and had been together for a while before the question was popped. It was obvious from the get-go that Nick and Zoe had something unique in mind for their big day, The Chevin Country Park Hotel & Spa offered just that, a unique, beautiful experience that perfectly reflected the couples affections for one another.

An April wedding can be a bit of shot in the dark when it comes to the weather, but the sun didn’t disappoint, its warm rays glistened across the lake top till the right up until bouquet was thrown. Located just above the market town of Otley, West Yorkshire, the gorgeous Chevin Country park Hotel and Spa doesn’t just offer a stunning lakeside view and event hire but also state of the art leisure facilities. Shrouded in trees, I can’t imagine a more perfect place to relax for a getaway.

As usual we were pumped up and ready not to miss a single moment. We started things off as per with photographing the bride and bridesmaid’s beatification, we caught some wonderfully candid snaps of friends and family gearing to send Zoe off on her new journey. You could really feel the family vibes in the room. We managed to capture some terrific shots of dad embracing Zoe as he see’s her in her dress for the first time, a wonderfully emotional moment, one I’m sure neither of them will ever forget.

Shooting on the grounds of Chevin Country Park was a pleasure, as we had the beautiful lake to serve as our backdrop, the sun dancing of it just perfectly as Zoe, Nick and guests gathered on the embankment for a couple of snaps. The interiors didn’t disappoint either as we had the unique and quaint log cabin décor of the Hotel to host the ceremony. The log cabin aesthetic really gave the proceedings a sense of warmth and togetherness something I think really comes out in the finished pictures.

The reception was a joy, with both happy couple and guests grinning, welling up and belly laughing all in equal measure, a perfect coupling for the ceremony.  Credit to the staff at Chevin Country Park for putting on an incredible day for Zoe and Nick, the efficiency and hospitality really was excellent. That level of care really made the day that much more special. To top of the night we managed to do some great shots with sparklers, every photographer loves working with light and exposure time to create unique effects, so what a joy it was to get a chance to be creative with the bride and groom.

As night closed in you couldn’t have imagined a more deserving couple to have such a wonderful day, good luck Zoe & Nick and here’s to many happy years to come.

Otley Chevin Country Park Hotel & Spa Wedding Photography