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It was absolutely awesome to shoot at Holiday Inn Hotel, Tong Village, Leeds for Michelle & Adam wedding. This is an excellent venue and probably the reason why the couple chose it is because of its stunning setting and extremely high level of service it provides. The day was mainly a family affair with a few other invited guests. Right from the start at the place where Michelle was being picked from, the bridal preparation was awesome and the team of bridesmaids largely comprised Michelle’s sisters, sisters in laws, and best friends.

At Craig Garside Photography, we are quite a team and in an occasion like this, we usually spread ourselves so that each one of us captures a portion of the event either from the bride’s side, the groom’s, or from the wedding venue. I had occasional pop outs to see Adam at groom prep and of course to photograph him as he left in a superb classic car headed towards the Holiday Inn Hotel.

The wedding parties proceeded to the wedding venue the moment they were done with their preparations. Anyone familiar with this part of the world would know that rain showers usually pour without a preamble, but on this day the promise of no rain made the venue all set for an exciting day.

Holiday Inn Hotel

This is a wonderful setting for any wedding celebration. The Village of Tong is certainly one of the most charming in West Yorkshire and the fact that the The Holiday Inn Hotel, Tong is surrounded by stunning views of a lovely countryside made everything ecstatic. Thanks to its strategic location just 5 minutes away from M62, the guests found it accessible irrespective of where they were coming from.

This venue has facilities that can comfortably cater for weddings with a guest population of anything between 20 and 220. They also have several packages carefully designed to suit a wide range of budgets and requirements. Even though the hotel is licensed to hold wedding ceremonies, Michelle & Adam chose the Pudsey Parish Church in Pudsey, Leeds for their Yes-I-Do moments.

Pudsey Parish Church

Thanks to the connections Michelle & Adam had, they were allowed on application to marry in this church. After making the first contact with the church administrator, they had several follow up meetings to ensure their choice of hymns and floral arrangements was just as they wished. The ceremony was exciting to all of us and particularly on our side as photographers it gave us all the right spots and angles to capture the bride and the groom.

The Photography Experience

Having shot on several weddings in many other venues, we didn’t have a problem positioning ourselves for this wedding. Two hours prior to the ceremony, we were all setup and Sean, my assistant, had his cameras set for the groom’s photography session. We shot a series of pictures that captured of every moment of him getting ready including buttoning his shirt, getting the shoes, and buckling the belt. The other members of the team were capturing the bride and the party around her.

Everything fell in place and thanks to Mike, the toastmaster, everything went on smoothly from the setup of the venue to the sitting plans and ensuring all the timings are as required. Having worked with him on several occasions, it was great having him assist us in putting everyone together for group shots. Aside from our photographers, the couple had a videographer who did the ceremony footage including the reception moments. There was a photo booth, a band, and a casino to make the moment truly special.

We prepared for them a signature board which was a lovely way to present Michelle & Adam with personal memories of this special day with messages of congratulations, goodwill, and joviality. It was awesome covering this wedding and Michelle & Adam are a truly super nice couple.